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Content management

Your goals have been set. Your communications strategies have been established, personas, channels and touchpoints defined, tools implemented, and your campaign management is in place. But only now comes the moment of truth: when communications meet people – and there are actual, tangible interactions between a brand and its customers. At this point, customer-centric content management is the key to effectively leveraging the power of digital marketing.



Now it’s about engaging people with content that is relevant to them personally – empathetic, dialog-oriented content that gets them excited about something. And guiding them in the context of a transparent, clearly defined user experience towards taking specific action.

Depending on the target audience and requirements, this can involve multichannel campaigns, newsletter programs, automated (micro) journeys, content marketing or the design and development of landing pages. What is it that drives our teams of CX consultants, communications professionals, project managers, UX specialists, designers and editors as they approach this work? They conceptualize, design, write and code in pursuit of one clear goal: to convince minds, conquer hearts, and thus win people over.

Our expertise

Conceptual design

Using goals to define the way to achieve them: from value propositions, target pictures and KPIs to roadmaps, timelines and topic identification to the in-depth design of specific solutions.

Editorial service

Using content to create an experience: through customer-centric UX design, stylish artwork and gripping storytelling.

Front-end development

Using solutions to achieve results: with clean HTML coding, the provision of practice-oriented templates, reliable testing and detailed reporting.

More on the subject



We all know that consistently positive customer experiences are key to future market success. But how can these experiences be created in the first place? And how can they be used for business success? Let’s take a focused approach – using precise customer journey maps!


Campaign management

E-Mail Marketing

Studies show time and again: If customers are confronted with the wrong information at the wrong time, they react annoyed and threaten to bail. The central challenge for CX campaign management is therefore: What message should I send to whom, and how and when and on which channel should I send it?


Data integration

Consistently delivering fully personalized customer experiences requires very precise customer knowledge. The corresponding data frequently exists in a company – but very often it’s scattered across many different locations and is of very variable quality. This makes data integration a key success factor for customer experience management.


Your contact person

Armin Starosta

Armin Starosta

+49 151 2232 9044