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Corporate Influencer People Follow People

Corporate Influencer Programme

People follow people – let your team tell the stories. But how do you motivate your team to speak credibly and authentically about their brand? Nine out of ten companies are active on LinkedIn, and 3.2 billion people use social media every day. This illustrates that social media continues to be of essential importance to companies. However, businesses are spending more and more on social media, despite declining reach and low credibility.

A successful corporate influencer programme requires a solid foundation. This includes the company’s vision, as well as its mission statement and the values underpinning it. Management commitment and dedication are key factors in this context. The second major area is goals and strategy. This includes a consistent strategy, clear action, transparent targets and a distinction between short-, medium- and long-term goals.

Another important aspect is employee motivation. The focus should be on strengthening identification and a sense of belonging as well as participation and co-creation. This includes involving staff in the definition of policies and guidelines. Finally, there should be room for empowerment within the workplace. In other words, ongoing support through tips and tools is a crucial component.

Our Approach

We look at your entire process:


  • Integration of the program into your existing lead generation processes and systems
  • Independently of your focus (Marketing/Sales or HR/Recruiting)
  • With or without the support of a technical solution

Our corporate influencer app

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Eva Diemar

Head of Strategy & Communications
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