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Data analytics and business intelligence

Every person is unique – and yet certain patterns can be identified. Using data analytics and business intelligence (BI), we help you understand your customers and their needs better – enabling you to target offers and products accordingly.


Customer data is often of very variable quality and comes from many different types of sources. What meaningful information can be gained from this data? Or more importantly, what information should you be able to extract from the data? These are precisely the questions that can be answered by intelligently linking data from different categories and sources. The watchword here is data intelligence. This enables you to analyze, select, and reach out to your target groups with even greater speed and accuracy.

All the analyses and segmentation required for this can be carried out within one system. This means that those in charge have all the relevant BI information right at their fingertips in the CRM system, presented in a user-friendly, web-based interface. These insights cover value creation, customer revenues, forecasts, sales figures, activities and much more. This opens up a new level of efficiency and precision for Marketing & Sales.

Data analytics. Our competencies.

Tableau CRM

Get simple answers to complex business questions automatically on your data. Perform meaningful cause-and-effect analysis with transparent, easy-to-understand AI models.

Qlik Sense

Combine disparate data sources quickly with Qlik Sense in a secure cloud environment and create interactive, visual analytics that are compelling.

Microsoft Power BI

Create intelligent visualizations and insights and enable your organization to make data-driven decisions quickly. Collaborate on reports and share insights across popular applications – especially Microsoft products.

Data management

Utilize your resource “data” with maximum potential and integrate it into your business processes. Above all, to ensure optimal use during ongoing operations.

Data visualization & reporting

Individual solutions for the visualization of your data and a suitable reporting for your needs – tailored to your respective industry.

What does data-driven CRM do?

Technical innovations and changing customer needs are constantly presenting businesses with new challenges. To continue to reach target groups, it’s crucial to approach them in the most personalized and efficient manner possible. Related trends and new tasks can be predicted with the help of data-driven models and artificial intelligence. Purchasing behavior, for example, can reveal a lot about a customer. Just as, for example, an error message from a machine may signal that it needs to be serviced.


Seen in the appropriate context, certain events provide a direct indication of possible courses of action. An example: In an online store, it transpires that a customer frequently looks at a certain product but does not buy it. This insight could provide a clue to a customer-specific action. For example, the store operator could now automatically offer the customer a newsletter with exclusive technical details, to help them make their purchase decision.

Data analytics and value creation

Whether you want to draw meaningful insights from your existing data, or leverage automated campaigns based on machine learning and predictive analytics: With the help of our data expertise, integrated in a holistic approach, we will enable you to work more efficiently along the entire value chain, to optimize processes, to reduce costs – and to initiate customer dialogs with pinpoint accuracy.

Data Driven CRM EN

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We all know that consistently positive customer experiences are key to future market success. But how can these experiences be created in the first place? And how can they be used for business success? Let’s take a focused approach – using precise customer journey maps!


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Eva Diemar

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In focus: The needs of the customers Data analytics and business intelligence Every person is unique – and yet certain patterns can be identified. Using data analytics and business intelligence (BI), we help you understand your customers and their needs better – enabling you to...