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Managed CRM

Congratulations: The perfect CX solution for your business has been evaluated, successfully implemented, and integrated into the system landscape! Sounds like your project is a wrap. But the journey is actually just beginning. Because even when everything is technically up and running, CX or CRM projects can still fail.

That’s why we provide you with Managed CRM support far beyond the implementation phase – and thus guarantee successful system operation in your company. Is the stability of the system really ensured? Are the employees empowered and motivated to work with the solution? How well can the system be adapted to future developments?

Questions like these are the key to maximizing the potential of modern CX solutions. Our answers focus on clear benefits, straightforward handling, solid performance, and high flexibility. Once the prerequisites for stable system performance have been met, we can also support your team with our campaign management expertise.

Managed CRM: a key factor for successful system operation.


Build user acceptance

For users, the introduction of a CX system entails fundamental changes in the way they do their work. The complexity of modern solutions and their high degree of integration also demand specific and scalable expertise. The basis for creating the necessary acceptance for all of this is 100% availability, stable performance, and a complete database – because people who have a bad experience with the system early on, when they first start working with it, will basically question it.


Empower and motivate people

Surveys show time and again: A large proportion of employees want targeted training and self-service systems around the use of their CRM solution. In fact, this is one of the key success factors: transparent communications, clear information, and practical training are crucial for getting people on board, taking them along on the journey, motivating them – and working with them to establish a new CX mindset in the company.



New customer needs, new business models in the company, new system functionalities: The CX field is subject to constant and dynamic change. That’s why we plan for the necessary flexibility right from the start and assume responsibility for the continuous monitoring of system performance. In this way, we help you optimize the system further and further and fine-tune it to meet new requirements.

Our approach: Managed CRM.

Stability & reliability

Our specialists ensure the operational stability of your CRM solution: scalable and entirely in line with your requirements.

  • Support for customer-oriented processes
  • Ongoing 3rd-level support
  • Impact analysis, testing & bug fixing after release upgrade
  • Proactive, daily monitoring of ERP integration

Optimization & innovation

Our best-practice approaches and agile methodologies help you maximize the potential of your CRM.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Benefit analysis of new release functionalities
  • Activation of selected release functions
  • Conceptual design and implementation of CRs
  • Implementation concept & project management
  • Sparring partner
Managed CRM Kreis

Training & motivation

With the right communications measures, you can build user motivation. Targeted support ensures the greatest possible acceptance.

  • Trainings, webinars, video tutorials
  • Documentations
  • Workshops
  • Release news
  • How-tos
  • Communications concept to ­motivate staff and increase acceptance and take-up

Performance monitoring

Based on regular monitoring of user- and business-related KPIs, we measure the success of your CRM solutions.

  • Creation of KPI matrix based on CRM target vision
  • Performance dashboards
  • Quarterly assessment & management summary incl. recommendations for action
  • Joint development of optimization measures

Our success stories

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Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy and processes have been defined. You’ve also found the right software provider. Now it’s time to implement your customized CRM solution. But even a perfect project plan must take unexpected events, hurdles, or challenges into account. This is why agility and flexibility are key to successful implementation.


Data integration

Consistently delivering fully personalized customer experiences requires very precise customer knowledge. The corresponding data frequently exists in a company – but very often it’s scattered across many different locations and is of very variable quality. This makes data integration a key success factor for customer experience management.


Campaign management

E-Mail Marketing

Studies show time and again: If customers are confronted with the wrong information at the wrong time, they react annoyed and threaten to bail. The central challenge for CX campaign management is therefore: What message should I send to whom, and how and when and on which channel should I send it?


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Andres Martinez

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