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Predicting customer behavior today

Predictive Analytics

Want to know tomorrow´s trends today? In predictive analytics, data creates a special fascination. Because insights provide, above all, one thing: decisive impulses for company decisions.

Even in times of digitization, a central question of marketing is still how to address customers with the right offer at the right time. With the help of predictive analytics, you get closer to this goal than in the past. Whether it is in the area of marketing to identify the concrete need and the right target group for campaigns, to determine the correct time in the service or to minimize the downtime of machines or components in the maintenance area.

Vision 11 supports these decision-making processes by means of predictive analytics. Artificial intelligence is used in conjunction with machine-learning techniques to predict purchase-critical events and behavioural patterns. We see predictive analytics as a core element of any business to ensure long-term success and remain competitive.

Anyone who wants to read in the future has to leaf through the past.

(André Malraux)


  • Development of predictive models for sales, aftersales and marketing (including through AI and machine learning)
  • Identification of relevant parameters of the event to be forecasted
  • Derivation of operationally usable lead lists for customer approach
  • Implementation of the solution in operative systems (for example with Phyton, R Statistics, Knime)

Client Story:
Predictive Analytics for After Sales

Client Story: Predictive Analytics for After Sales

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

People are different and yet there are uniform patterns. We help you get to know your customers better based on behavioural patterns in order to place offers and products in a targeted manner.




The right questions are crucial – because it is not the quantity but the relevance of the analyses that creates transparency. If we know the questions, we will also find the answers in the various data sources.



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