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Software quality assurance

Whatever you do to deliver outstanding customer experiences – software bugs can undo all those efforts in one fell swoop. Together with our quality management our integrated quality assurance sees to it that your customers will enjoy the benefits of seamless digital interaction with you.

Error-free software performance is a fundamental prerequisite for consistently positive customer experiences. It strengthens the trust customers have in your brand – and thus enhances your company’s image, as well as your ranking relative to the competition. Vision11 quality assurance therefore accompanies your CRM project from a very early stage – and ensures that potential errors are efficiently and reliably eliminated in every project phase.

The rule of thumb here is that the earlier an error is identified, the less time and effort it takes to address it, and the lower the costs. Consistent quality assurance also helps to keep the downtime of your digital services as low as possible. In this way, it effectively reduces risks and helps to increase value creation. Additional gains in efficiency and security can be achieved through the intelligent use of automated test solutions.

Our competencies

Test management

Our test management provides the basis for reliable project quality. All the ground rules are defined within the framework of specific test concepts. These include, for example, the test period, the test scope, and the individual test strategy. At the same time, our consultants monitor the tests, transparently point out risks to stakeholders in reports, and make appropriate recommendations for action.

Requirements analysis

The earlier quality assurance is integrated into the cycle, the more cost-effectively potential errors can be addressed. That’s why our test analysts and test managers are already involved in the requirements analysis – and support the implementation team according to the dual control principle.

Test analysis

Our test analysts delve deeply into your requirements and examine them from a variety of angles as part of the test case creation process. In this way, errors can be identified at an early design stage and fixed cost-effectively. In order to design test cases as precisely as possible, the test experts also communicate extensively with the business analysts.

Defect management

One of the central tasks of quality assurance is the monitoring of defects. Defects recorded by the testers are pre-analyzed and then passed on to the relevant contact persons. Next, it’s important that there is effective follow-up to ensure defects are fixed without delay. Precisely focused defect calls are used to draw stakeholders’ attention to specific problem cases and risks.

Test data management

The more complex a requirement, the more varied the test data needed. We assume responsibility for test data management and are ready to deliver this data in line with project needs.


Our team uses a wide variety of testing methods. For example, we verify your requirements with functional and non-functional tests or with load and performance tests. In addition, code reviews have proven to be a good way of identifying inconsistencies in the source code.

Test automation

Especially in very agile projects, solutions for test automation are obvious. But their use is worthwhile in other cases as well. Their focused use in regression tests, for example, ensures that both worlds benefit from automation. With every code change, the software is automatically subjected to continuous and time-efficient testing. In this way, errors in critical basic functions can be identified very quickly. Even short-term releases can be validated in this way.

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