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System integration

To offer customers excellent customer experiences (CX), companies are increasingly opting for best-of-breed solutions. In other words, they combine whatever solutions are best suited to their respective business purpose, irrespective of the manufacturer. This makes for very heterogeneous system landscapes – and correspondingly great challenges for system integration.

Successful integration requires considering both the systems themselves and the data involved. The exchange of data across systems and the efficient execution of tasks in the different areas have a direct impact on the customer experience.


So, if an ERP system, a CRM system, internal company software and other third-party software packages are to work together smoothly and in a customer-centric manner, this requires individual processing and translation of data. In most cases, system integration is therefore also about data integration.

An integration platform or transformation layer between the systems ensures that the data for the underlying processes is exchanged smoothly, correctly and in compliance with data protection requirements.


Depending on the initial situation, requirements and budget, different approaches are available for linking the various applications. These range from a minimal solution without middleware to the use of existing solutions, the selection and implementation of a best-of-breed product, or even development of a custom-made system. Our experts will work closely with you to identify the most sensible and economical approach for your situation.

Our competencies


MuleSoft offers an integration platform used by many companies to connect SaaS and enterprise applications – in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid. In our experience, MuleSoft plays to its strengths when it comes to data transport.



SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration) is a middleware that connects different business applications on a common platform. CPI focuses on processes and their data.



Hubtiq is a web-based solution that enables easy handling of international forms as well as their cost-effective integration into CRM systems.


Individual solutions

End-to-end connections are less common due to the use of middleware systems. Nevertheless, in certain cases, this type of integration of two systems can be useful.



Today, individual solutions or building blocks for the integration of heterogeneous software require more than a technical basis. Successful individual solutions are a combination of specialist knowledge and technical implementation, the choice of the right libraries and methods, and quality assurance. Selecting the appropriate approach for your challenge and linking it appropriately is our guarantee of success for complex individual system integration.


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