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Process consulting

In our volatile and complex world, it is becoming more and more important for companies to act quickly and flexibly. The key prerequisites for this are agile processes and structures. Those who harness the potential of digitization and automation can benefit from entirely new ways to adapt quickly to current market conditions and meet changing customer needs – and tap into new customer groups with new products or services.


The path we take together with you moves from careful analysis of actual (as-is) processes and their documentation to the detailed modeling of target (to-be) processes. The first step consists in conducting interviews and reviewing existing documents and systems to answer the following questions:


  • How do your processes currently work?
  • What do the interfaces and the associated organizational structures look like?
  • Where does potential already exist?


We then capture the fundamentals of the processes in joint workshops. They are cast into a process model and mapped in the current “Process House”. Based on these specifications, we document the identified processes in graphical form, complete with a process, action and artifact catalog.

Based on this capture of actual status, we can now tackle the modeling of target processes. To do so, we scrutinize established procedures and look specifically for possible optimization potential.


Using “fit-gap analysis” of target and actual processes and an end-to-end view, interfaces and responsibilities can be identified. The results form the bridge between professional expertise and technology – and include sound feasibility information for the implementation of the target processes.


Another consideration here is the formulation of relevant process KPIs. These form a solid basis for evaluating and continuously improving processes. And if necessary, the consulting results also provide valuable criteria for CX or CRM software evaluation.

Process consulting: Aspects and fields of action


Data and processes are closely related. For formulated processes, we therefore define which data is required in which quality and in which access form – and how we can achieve this.

Customer journey

This is where we bring in our CRM expertise: Within the processes, we look at where interactions with customers take place, whether they are customized and whether they meet customer expectations. Only in this way is it possible to set up coherent customer journeys for the products or services offered.

Customer data 360°

This aspect is also closely related to the data basis: For a 360-degree view of the customer, it is necessary that the customer data can be determined or made available at a suitable location.

System integration

As part of this service module, we analyze whether integration of the systems used is available or possible in order to map the targeted processes. This analysis is the basis for evaluating the suitable systems for implementing the target processes.

Added value

We also determine where value is added in the processes – and whether there is further potential for optimization here. At the same time, we look at whether processes or process steps that do not add value can be minimized or automated.

Agility/ Digitization

How agile are the formulated processes? And to what extent do they meet the formulated innovation needs? We present (digitization) potential that can be identified in this regard in a process-specific manner – and define the necessary implementation steps, if necessary.

Structured approach: the Process House

All target processes are brought together in the so-called process house. This central platform is clearly structured, subdivides the processes along the customer journey – and makes it possible, for example, to systematically identify digitization potential. Depending on the requirements and development of the project, it can be expanded or deepened as required.

Process consulting: Process house

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The strategy and processes for your customer relationship management (CRM) are defined. The right software has also been evaluated. Now the implementation of your customized CRM solution is imminent. But even a perfect project plan must take unexpected events, hurdles or challenges into account. Therefore, the decisive criteria in the implementation phase are: agility and flexibility.

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Werner Schiefer

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