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Campaign management

Studies show time and again: If customers are confronted with the wrong information at the wrong time, they react annoyed and threaten to bail. The central challenge for CX campaign management is therefore: What message should I send to whom, and how and when and on which channel should I send it?

Modern CRM systems offer numerous possibilities to execute campaigns in a highly differentiated, personalized, and efficient manner. However, it’s not so much the systems that make the difference, but the people who work with them. As is so often the case, the secret of successful customer journeys lies in the nuances.


However, CRM managers in companies perform a whole raft of tasks. And they are managers, not tool specialists. External expert support can therefore make a key contribution to harnessing the system’s full potential and achieving the best possible performance.

Our campaign management experts have a sound technical understanding of the systems – and a wealth of experience from other projects. This enables them to provide you with effective support as you plan, manage, analyze, and further optimize your CX campaigns, using a structured approach.


In this way, they do more than help you conserve your own resources and measurably increase campaign performance – when customers are approached in the right way, they feel understood and valued. And demonstrating this appreciation requires not only powerful technologies, but also a great deal of finesse.

Our expertise

Customer journey set up

Campaigns are only successful if they are specifically tailored to their addressees. To achieve this, the respective journeys must be mapped in the system. The enrichment of customer insights in the course of the interactions makes it possible to design the messages along the campaign route in an increasingly individual way.

Content creation

The best marketing automation system is of no use if the content is not suitable for the recipient. The right timing is crucial here – but so is addressing the target group with relevant content.


Mailing systems are constantly evolving – and offer ever new ways to target campaigns even more effectively. However, many users are content with the most superficial functions. We help you to exploit the systems to their fullest.


When, where and with what do I best reach a specific target group? There are no general answers to this question. But with specifically developed test concepts, the performance of campaigns can be increased without much effort.

Analyse & reporting

The great advantage of digital campaigns is their measurability. The prerequisite for this is that the KPIs are defined sensibly and realistically in advance. The results of our reporting enable us to optimize the effectiveness of individual measures in a targeted manner.

More on the subject



We all know that consistently positive customer experiences are key to future market success. But how can these experiences be created in the first place? And how can they be used for business success? Let’s take a focused approach – using precise customer journey maps!


Data integration

Consistently delivering fully personalized customer experiences requires very precise customer knowledge. The corresponding data frequently exists in a company – but very often it’s scattered across many different locations and is of very variable quality. This makes data integration a key success factor for customer experience management.


Managed CRM

Managed CRM

Congratulations: The perfect CX solution for your business has been evaluated, successfully implemented, and integrated into the system landscape! Sounds like your project is a wrap. But the journey is actually just beginning. Because even when everything is technically up and running, CX or CRM projects can still fail.


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