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Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Marketing im Aftersales


The after-sales business also accounts for a significant share of profits in the automotive industry. With increasing competition and decreasing customer loyalty, it is therefore all the more important to retain customers and offer the right product at the right time. Vision 11 supported an automobile manufacturer in forecasting the service intervals of its customers and thus enabling a targeted approach.



Steps & Highlights


For the forecast, the relevant customer segments and the influencing factors on the service intervals are defined first. The starting point for this is the service history data. Based on this data, the so-called “Inter Purchase Time (IPT)” – the time between two consecutive service events – was determined and the factors that influence the IPT were extracted. This made it possible to determine the influence of the individual factors and derive a forecast of the service intervals. With the help of this model, future service events can be predicted more accurately.



Added value


With predictive marketing, campaign efficiency could be increased by far more than twice that of previous measures. Conversely, this meant that half of the marketing budget could be used to reach the same number of customers.